Hynam Kendall Arts Editor



Justice for all.



Once solely famed for remixing their contemporaries and partaking in a stream of cut-price DJ clubsets “That showed we didn’t know what we were doing, like playing heavy metal between disco songs”, French electroclashers Justice are now heavyweights headlining a sold-out series of concerts at London’s prestigious Somerset House. But was their unprecedented rise to fame the work of a decent pop/rock album and word-of-mouth following, or the result of continual controversy?

(Lykke Li)

Swede Hereafter




Lo-fi-but-not-lo-fi usurper of the pop renaissance, Lykke Li is soon to be Sweden’s biggest export. Just don’t compare her to Annie.


(Martin Parr)

Lifestyles of the rich and famous.




The first man of British photography, a certain Mr. Parr, has a thing or two to say about today’s high society.




This thing you call music is changing.





Santi White’s billboard-bothering alter ego Santogold tackled every available genre there is, from dub to punk to pussy pop, when creating her first album. An album Rolling Stone labelled “The year’s most unique debut”. An album that took only 8 weeks to complete. And yet, despite all the praise, her proudest achievement is merely the fact she’s “a brown girl who isn’t just doing R‘n’B”. Forget the era of the pretentious plastic chanteuse. There’s a new breed of soul artist. Welcome; Santogold.


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